Technical Records

  • The import or registration of aircraft logs for the purpose of updating the times on aircraft, aircraft components and tasks.
  • Defects recorded in the log are recorded and stored for maintenance action as are defects from Line and Base Maintenance.
  • AMICOS gives direct access to all technical records and a search function for trouble shooting.
  • AMICOS has a function which loads maintenance programmes, modifications, SBs, ADs, and HIL items.
  • Work orders with work cards are printed for all work to be performed by Base Maintenance and Work shops.
  • When a work pack is created for Base Maintenance or a Works Shop, AMICOS checks for the availability of known spare parts required and prints a part shortage list in the Logistics Department.
  • All maintenance activities and component changes are documented with the accomplishment time and the next due calculated.
  • All maintenance activities are recorded in detail in a history file.

Example showing the log recording menu and the log recording screen.


Example of defect originating from Tech Log


Example of defect originating from Base Maintenance