• The Manpower Control System offers shop floor time data collection using AMICOS created bar-coded work cards.
  • The Manpower Control System gives a clear overview of work in progress and the activities of staff on duty.
  • The Manpower Control System gives a complete overview of the progress of each task and a guide to how the available man-power should be best allocated.
  • The Manpower Control System gives an up to date view of the current cost of each task taking man-hours spent and material used into the calculation.
  • The Manpower Control System takes into consideration any different pay scales for overtime, work during weekends, and dirty and hazardous jobs.
  • The Manpower Control System will only accept overtime pay and other pay benefits which have been approved by authorized staff.
  • Man-hour costs from the Manpower Control System are transferred automatically to the Invoice module where the applicable rates and mark ups for each customer are applied.
  • Manually recorded man-hours spent on out stations where no AMICOS facilities exist can be recorded manually into the Manpower Control System by authorized staff.
  • AMICOS allows the user to create work types allowing for detailed management reports tailored to the requirement of each individual operator’s requirements.
  • AMICOS has several cost reports at various levels of detail which support frequently asked financial questions and procedure changes.

Example of multiple clocking


Example of activity monitoring of a selected Work order


Example of Work in progress screen