Material Management

  • AMICOS handles rotable and repairable components, expendables, commercial items as well as tools and GSE.
  • AMICOS handles 100% as well as one-way interchangeabilities.
  • AMICOS handles organisations and monitors their required approvals, making it impossible to issue orders to suppliers without the mandatory approvals or without in-house capability.
  • AMICOS handles an unlimited number of stores at an unlimited number of stations.
  • AMICOS identifies surplus inventories and can convert this to sales lists.
  • AMICOS operates FIFO.  When parts are requested AMICOS checks firstly for the part number requested and then, if sufficient quantity is not available, for interchangeable parts in the assigned store.  If the request is still not satisfied AMICOS checks for availability in the other stores at the same station.
  • AMICOS handles shelf life controlled items and prints stock due lists for shelf life expired parts to be removed on time.
  • AMICOS handles consignment stores.
  • AMICOS identifies normal issues of parts from stores from special issues so as not to inflate the automatic ROL when this is calculated.
  • AMICOS manages the ABC inventory theory thus allowing the user to set different buying and stock check policies for each category.
  • AMICOS produces automatic re-order proposals with suggested re-order quantities based on user defined buying rules and always reflecting the recent usage rate.  This also includes suggested stock moves from a main station to an out station when the ROL at the outstation has reached or fallen through the calculated or set value.
  • AMICOS provides the Buyer with sufficient information in order to be able to decide on an appropriate and economical Purchase Order quantity.
  • AMICOS provides for batch purchasing which reduces the administrative cost and minimizes the problem with supplier’s minimum order value.
  • AMICOS handles different units of measures for the same part number, allowing for example, Purchase Orders for bulbs to be expressed in ‘boxes’ and the stock issue unit of measurement in ‘each’.
  • AMICOS reports when a set minimum stock quantity for rotable components has been reached.
  • AMICOS rejects components reported as bogus parts, stolen, scrapped, or lost in transit.
  • AMICOS handles warranties and alerts when a component still under warranty is removed from an aircraft.
  • AMICOS covers several types of stock check procedures.
  • AMICOS handles Loan-in and Loan-out of components with a complete Loan Management overview and current loan cost information.
  • AMICOS offers an advance component float calculation based on the actual failure rates, fleet size, fleet utilisation, etc. as experienced by the operator. The resulting float requirement is split over the stations exposed to the aircraft type.
  • AMICOS offers a ‘What if’ option showing the result of extended turn-around times and changes of the failure rates.
  • AMICOS prints FORM ONEs, serviceable and unserviceable labels, batch labels, etc.
  • In addition to hard coded classification codes for order types, consumption types, scrap reasons, etc. additional user defined codes may be added.

Part number registration


Re-order level screen showing manually set ROLs as well as AMICOS calculated


Example of a manually created Purchase Order


Example of order proposal on a selected supplier


Identification of non or slow moving and organisations no longer used


Float level calculation


The calculated float distributed over exposed stations