• AMICOS allows for the recording of all types of invoices.
  • AMICOS displays the status of the order against which the invoice was raised allowing the majority of invoices received against Purchase Orders to be approved directly by the Finance Department without the consultation of the Logistics Department.
  • When clearing an invoice AMICOS checks the accuracy of the data entered as well as the invoice itself.
  • Invoices received for shipping costs may be linked to the orders which the invoice covers.
  • AMICOS has a number of finance related reports.
  • Snapshots of the value of the inventory can be taken at all times.
  • AMICOS has scrap reports showing the value of items scrapped as well as the scrap reason.
  • AMICOS gives a clear picture of the value of write-offs and write-ons reported during stock checks, giving a clear picture of ‘health’ of the procedures used.
  • AMICOS can easily be linked to a number of finance systems.
  • AMICOS allows for an unlimited number of account numbers to satisfy the needs of the Engineering Department.
  • AMICOS converts any data entered in whatever currency to that used by ‘your’ organisation.
  • AMICOS compiles and prints detailed invoices form 3rd party maintenance performed.

Cost report detailing man hours and material costs


 Invoice registration.


Invoice registration – AWB.


Invoice clearing.


 AMICOS collected details for customer’s invoice.